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Story behind the lights and brightness of Diwali!

It’s inevitable for someone not to think of enjoying the lights and crackers on Diwali. As interesting as it sounds, the story behind this ritual is more interesting. It dates back to the era of Ramayana where the adventurous and devine love and life story of Lord Ram narrated.

To make it short, Lord Ram faces extreme hurdles and miseries because of the bad incarnate Ravan. Things get way too worse for the ‘dedicated lover of goddess Sita’ when she was kidnapped by Ravan and left with deepest pain without her.

After many amazing twists and adventures, Lord Ram finally saves Sita and declares his victory of his love by killing Ravan. To mark the day Lord Ram turned Ravan to ashes, people across India fires Crackers and celebrates the victory.

Now what you’re waiting for, it’s time to light some colourful crackers for this diwali.

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