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Pros and Cons of Chinese Crackers!

We’ve often heard the hypes and warnings keep flooding us about the Chinese Crackers. Especially during the Diwali festive fever, news channels and media always keeps us confused. Should we choose a Chinese Crackers or not? This happens to be a golden question on many cracker lovers. Here’s a quick walk-through on pros and cons of Chinese Crackers,


Hurray! They’re way to cheap!

Let’s start with pros. Nothing would please an Indian than a better price deal. Being said that, Chinese Crackers scores big time when it comes to price factor. They’re often priced as aggressive as four to five times lesser than the market price. And this often happens to be the primary reason for people to choose them.


Bright and Colourful!

If you’ve assumed that Chinese Crackers won’t perform great for it’s cheap price range, you’re absolutely wrong. In fact, Chinese Crackers are the best when it comes to bright and Colourful lighting.


Highly Risky!

Time to jump to Cons list! One primary drawback of Chinese crackers are it’s risks. Low cost Chinese Crackers are often made of potassium chlorate which is highly unstable and can explode with just a sharp jolt.


Not an option of Patriots!

If you’re a patriotic person, you should consider avoiding Chinese crackers for two big reasons. First and foremost, it effects the businesses of many Indian Cracker manufacturers especially the small scale businesses who can never compete with the Chinese products for it’s aggressive price range. The second reason for many Patriots is that Chinese often backs Pakistan in terms of political happenings.


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