Ground Chakkars Ashoka (10pcs)


Diwali Dhamaka!! buy now on chennai crackers online sivakasi.

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There is more number of brands in cracker industries. Each brand will have definite features and this would help in standing unique in the market. Also, safety measures would be maintained as one of the sufficient things in it. Chakkar cracker is mainly attracted by all ages of people and this is because that would provide good appearance and pleasant feeling for the people. The lightening emerged from this cracker would add beauty to the day. Some of the people would like to burst this cracker in a common line. Such thing would be done by hanging this cracker in a line. Ground Chakkar Ashoka is bigger in size when compared to other chakkar cracker in the market. This will come in a bigger box and it contains ten crackers in a box. The stuffed chemical in this cracker would be able to last for more than fifteen seconds of time. The safety distance is 2M. Ignite with Sparklers,Twinkling Star& Pencil. For Better result whirling on flat Surface.